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"Of course I didn’t read the instructions and it still worked great."
- 3-27-2017 -United States

"This thing’s for real. I only use for my liners, but it’s Night and Day the difference in putting liners back in. I actually pull my liners now!"
- 1-07-2017 -United States

"Boot Horn Good!!"
- 12-20-2016 -Germany

"I have to admit, this boot horn helped with new Rossignols"
- 11-18-2016 -United States

"Qualità, serietà e chiarezza garantite."
- 4-13-2016 -France

"As I always exhausted myself getting my liners in, I thought I’d give it a go even though I was very skeptical to be honest. Well, I can’t believe I didn’t get this sooner - how much time did I waste not using this!!!! The boot horn works 100%, although I wonder how long it will last as it’s pretty crumpled after one season... actually I would probably gladly spend ten dollars next season for the same thing."
- 4-07-2016 -United Kingdom

"Makes my day go so much better."
- 07-10-2015 -Ski Instructor, Australia

"I bought one for my 10 year old son who could not get his boots on with out help from his mom. He lost the boot horn. When I reordered they had a deal on free freight for more than one so I got one for my wife. She liked it so much that I got one. Now we are a boot horn family."
- 6-12-2015 -Colorado, United States

"Quick shipment, fast transaction. Thank you!"
- 05-07-2015 -Lithuania

"Love to ski with my new Lange boots. Hated putting them on. Used the Boot Horn and my feet just slide right in. Great idea. I love it. "
- 04-21-2015 -Colorado, United States

"Funktioniert super."
- 04-07-2015 -Germany

"Really like using it."
- 03-24-2015 -Colorado, United States

"I wasn't sure about buying the boothorn. I am glad I did. Works great."
- 03-12-2015 -Utah, United States

"So, new skiers me and the wife. Such a struggle with our new boots. Worn out just getting them on:-). Decided to see if there was help out there. Ran across the Boot Horn. Was skeptical, but decided to give it a try. OMG!!! Talk about a super quick in to the boot, with zero hassle. Love it and bought two more (one for a friend)! Highly recommend!!"
- 02-01-2015 -United States

"Good sale"
- 01-27-2015 -Republic of Croatia

"Just tried out my new boot horn for the first time and am very pleased! Instead of the usual struggle, my foot just slipped into my boot with ease. Why I might even consider taking my boots off while having lunch because it will be so easy to slip them back on for the afternoon. Great product!"
- 01-24-2015 -United States

" Thanks guys we have already received the goods today. 2 weeks before schedule."
- 12-07-2014 -Netherlands

"хороший бизнес! Смело заказывайте."
- 11-05-2014 -Russian Federation

" A***** Good value"
- 10-17-2014 -United Kingdom

"왕좋은 물건에 왕빠른 배송."
- 08-21-2014 -South Korea

- 05-17-2014 -Australia

"Great item, fast shipping, thanks!"
- 03-26-2014 -United States

"Many thanks; very useful boot horn"
- 02-23-2014 -United Kingdom

"This was the best 15 dollars I ever spent on ski equipment. It used to take me 10 minutes to put on my boots, and often my feet wouldn’t be lined up correctly. I can get the boots on in around a minute and with little or no pressure points of painful stops."
- 01-28-2014 -United States

"Just love it.thanks"
- 01-22-2014 -Sweden

"Hey, great product (boothorn) when it’s used correctly. First one was lost in the mail and a new one was sent out immediately. Thanks and keep doing a great job."
- 12-09-2013 -United States

"I used the boot horn the other morning to put my boots on in the car with the steering wheel in my lap. Parking lot temp was 4 degrees - did’t want to get out. The boot horn made putting my foot in, while sitting and with no leverage, possible. Now I will keep one in the car."
- 12-03-2013 -United States

"The boot horn is awesome. Taking my liners in and out is so easy with this thing. I gave one to my whole family."
- 10-17-2013 -United States

"Man, check out this product. Worked great when my liners got wet in the creek."
- 8-23-2013 -United States

"Good to do business with"
- 07-31-2013 -United Kingdom

"Great item. Fast shipping. A+++ service"
- 05-02-2013 -Ukraine

"Quick shipment. Product really works!"
- 04-11-2013 -Canada

"Great, thanks!"
- 03-24-2013 -Norway

"Nice Product Fast Shipping!"
- 01-02-2013 -United States

"Brilliant item. works a treat!"
- 12-23-2012 -United Kingdom

"This is friggin awesome! It’d be a great stocking stuffer for all my skiing friends."
- 12-13-2012 -United States

"A+ Fast shipping, item works great!"
- 09-27-2012 -United States

"I use my Boot Horn to put on my stiff mountaineering boots. Much easier!"
- 04-26-2012 -M H, Colorado

"I bought a few weeks ago one of your Boot Horn in your web site. I tried it myself, and let it try to family and friends, and the result is great; we are all very impressed of how well it works."
- 04-02-2012 -Barcelona, Spain

"Great piece of kit."
- 02-26-2012 -Canada

"Hey, I bought your product after a boot guy in Aspen used it on me. It was wonderful!"
- 02-21-2012 -Aspen, Colorado

"Great product. Fast shipper."
- 12-27-2011 -United States

"This is the gadget I was looking for putting and removing ski boots. A+"
- 10-27-2011 -Canada

"I have a bad ankle. I hurt it skiing years ago. Now it is easy and pain free to put on my boots after years of pain."
- 4-28-2011 -Don, Vail, Colorado

"Used the boot horn on the last hut trip. Everyone used it to put the liners back in their boots. I bet you sell 4 or more just from this trip. Everyone wanted to know where I got it."
- 4-24-2011 -Meagen, Winter Park, Colorado

"Gets me on the hill fast with dry warm boots."
- 4-07-2011 -Tele Skier, Colorado

"It snowed for 5 days in a row. Pulled my liners each night to dry and the Boot Horn made inserting them in the morning easy. Works well."
- 3-17-2011 -Josh - Alpine, Jackson Hole, Wyoming

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