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Boot Horn  Benefits of the Boot Horn

  • Makes putting your foot into ski & snowboard boot easier.
  • Helps with old injuries to reduce pain while putting on boots.
  • Lets you put your boots on in the car easily, not in windy cold parking lot.
  • Protects your hands while inserting your liner after removing to dry overnight, washing, boot repairs, installing insoles or custom boot fittings.
  • Your socks will fit better, last longer and not jam or curl your toes.
  • Easy to use and to stow flat or rolled in your car, pack, locker or bag.
  • Helps parents teach kids how to properly put on and care for their boots.
  • Makes a great gift or stocking stuffer for any skier or snowboarder.
  • Also works great for putting on cowboy boots, hiking boots, mountaineering boots, fishing waders, water ski boots, running shoes, golf shoes, roller blades, ice skates, hockey skates, motorcycle boots, military boots and more.